Welcome to the Anglican Church

Welcome to the Anglican Church

The Church of England is the established Christian church in England and the mother Church of the Anglican Communion.

The welcome is given to all members and visitors of all backgrounds, traditions, cultures and viewpoints. We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and also that you will contact us with any questions or feedback.

Welcome to the Anglican Church!

The Church of England is a Christian church in the Anglican Communion which is composed of the Episcopal Church of the United States, Scotland’s Episcopal Church, Canada’s Anglican Church, South Africa’s Anglican Church, New Zealand’s Anglican Synod and Australia’s primate.

The roots of the Anglican faith go back to AD 500 when Christianity was first brought to England by St. Augustine who was sent as a missionary by Pope Gregory the Great. King Edward III made it an established religion in AD 1347 with his proclamation that “everyman should be required to serve God according to his own will and desire”.

The Anglican Church has a rich history. It is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world and has been around for over one thousand years.

The Anglican Church is one of the oldest Christian denominations in England. It exists today and has a rich history dating back to the sixteenth century.

The Anglican Church has been a vital part of British society for centuries, but it still faces many challenges, including challenges from those who see it as outdated and irrelevant. In order to address these issues, the Church needs to be open to change and new ways of thinking.

Welcome to the Anglican Church is about how members can help transform their community by being open-minded and welcoming new ideas.

The Anglican Church is the mother church of the Anglican Communion which covers a wide range of Christian denominations and churches around the world.

The Anglican Church welcomes all people, regardless of faith or denomination, to worship and fellowship.

Christian churches in England were used to the idea of bishops as the head of their church. However, in 1532, King Henry VIII introduced the Act of Supremacy which made Church of England independent from Roman Catholic church.

The Anglican Church is a Protestant denomination based in London, England. It originated during the Protestant Reformation with the Church of England taking its name from its liturgical use of the Church Fathers.

The Anglican Church is one of the largest Christian denominations. It was officially established in 1534, by King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Aragon.

The website offers information on everything from church services, to historical events, to the ministries and programs that make the Anglican Church so special. You can also find out about their approach to ministry and how it uniquely relates to a person’s own faith.

The English are almost certainly the most numerous people living in Europe, numbering over 50 million in 2014. The country is also home to some of its best known writers; William Shakespeare being one of them.

The Anglican Church is one of the two main Christian churches in the United Kingdom. It has close ties to the state, and is organized politically as a church of England and globally as a communion of self-governing national or regional bodies.

The Church of England is welcoming all into membership and celebrating our diversity. The Anglican Church welcomes people who are exploring faith, whether they’re thinking about joining for the first time or returning to it after many years away.

The Anglican Church is a Christian denomination in England and Wales. It is the ancient form of the Church of England, and is considered its legal successor. The Anglican Church is in full communion with the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Assyrian Church of the East (Eastern Catholic), and a host of Protestant denominations worldwide.

Understanding that difference between us and them remains vital for our survival.

Welcome to the Anglican church! Here you will find people who believe in God’s call to love our neighbor as ourselves – including you!