Daily Office


Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart.  Luke 2: 19


The common life of our Community is centred on the worship of God through the Eucharist, the Daily Office and personal prayer. This is its first work and from this all else flows.

The Community comes together six times a day in St Mary Magdalene’s Chapel to listen to and to praise God:

Lauds 7.00am
Greater Silence ends
Terce 8.15 am
Eucharist 10 am: Tuesday – Saturday (no Eucharist on Monday) 
N.B. 9.30 am for major festivals and Sundays, with hymns
Sext  12.30 pm
Vespers 5pm
Compline 8.15 pm
Greater Silence begins

The services of the Office are taken from the Community’s own Office Book and are open to visitors, guests and members of the public.

Please be aware that the service times may vary occasionally to accommodate Festivals and other Community activities. Please ring Reception: 01235 763141 to check times.

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